What’s my Mission Bay Boca Raton Home Value?

Real Estate Properties for Sale in Mission Bay Boca Raton

What you should know before you sell your house

Knowing the value of your home is necessary whether this is simply for a customary home valuation or you’re seriously considering selling your sanctuary.

Perhaps, you are thinking of a property upgrade. If you have a growing family, your current home may have become too small. It could be because you’ve increased your income due to a promotion or career change.

On the other hand, you may want a property downgrade. This usually happens to older couples or empty-nesters who want to move to a smaller place. It can also happen if your relationship status is changing, sellers need cash and their home is their biggest asset where they can get the most income from.

Get as much help as you can from the right resources

In recent years, an increase of online resources has emerged to provide you with an instant answer before you ever consult a human being. But the computer can only do so much, you can’t expect it to deliver the final word on your home’s value, though it can give you some helpful hints.

Whether you are buying or selling your home, team up with a REALTORⓇ who is actively working in the market on a daily basis.  You want somebody who spends time looking at homes on a daily basis.

Having a REALTORⓇ is a big plus. He/She can attend your inspections and assist you in the moving process and through closing.

A REALTORⓇ has accumulated knowledge that is valuable and knows the sold prices of homes. This will help you determine the right value.

Take curb appeal seriously!

Real Estate Properties in Mission Bay Boca Raton

Curb appeal is another factor that will increase the tendency of your home being sold for a higher value. This term was used during the housing boom and continues to be recommended by agents as an indicator of the initial appeal of a property to potential buyers.

First impressions are everything, at least when it comes to showing your home to buyers. A survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORSⓇ (NAR) shows 63% of homebuyers will spend time looking at houses they like online and it’s always the exterior that will either make or break viewing house.

Here are some short but wise tips on how to improve your home in Mission Bay, Boca Raton’s curb appeal:

  • Give your roof the attention it needs. Does your roof have missing shingles, or is it discolored and streaked? Can it use some cleaning or a roof replacement?  
  • Make your home number visible. Add shiny, visible numbers to the front if you don’t have them yet.
  • Pressure wash the dirty siding of your home as well as your porch and your oil-stained driveway and faded walkways. It’s cost effective and will surely increase your home’s curb appeal.
  • Trim your grass, lawn and plant some colorful flowers. Never use artificial flowers.
  • Open your blinds or curtains. Nothing beats a home that has a bright interior.
  • Invest in solar light fixtures and place them on your walkway. If potential buyers walk by your house at night, it will definitely leave a lasting impression. Something that can lead them back to your home the following day.

What are you waiting for? Start with the first step today!

My name is Kristi Ramella.

I take pride in saying that my ultimate goal is to create a harmonious and successful experience for my clients whether you have moved to Mission Bay, Boca Raton to buy your new home or are a long term resident and have decided to sell your home.

I enjoy living here. I spend my days with my husband, 4 children and my 4-legged Wheaten Terrier Pooch. My mission is to help people find their own place here.

Call me anytime at 440-653-0382. Share  your plans with me!

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